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Thursday, 14 November 2013

off the wall

High Rise Buildings in Africa 

"In one township south of Soweto, custom has it that people need to be able to touch the ground in order to stay close to their ancestors -- something impossible from anything other than the bottom floor. Multi-story apartment buildings remain the exception rather than the rule in South Africa and low-cost government housing projects are almost always single-story developments."

Rebels go into the oil business in Libya.  On one hand they may now have a greater stake in stability, in any territory they control/intend to control at least, but it also may be an attempt to gain a source of cash.  Collier's greed v grievance debate comes to mind.

Finally some stability in East DRC?  

"Significantly, it has been pressure from the US, and in particular from the military, where the Rwandans have cultivated many contacts and friends, that has forced Rwanda to stop supporting M23 and stay out. The US even supplied drones to the UN force to patrol the porous border. At the same time the UN peacekeepers have been given a stronger mandate and the training and weapons to go on the offensive. So has the Congolese army, which for years has acted more like just another gang of looters and rapists. Their coordinated attacks on M23 have defeated it."

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